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5 set 2017, 04:37:56 Tramite pagina web

The game “ Face dance challenge” is an interesting game what is developed by Vietnamese developer. Special, This game took surprises when many people in the world played. So, This game is hoped that it will make to success as soon as Flappy Bird by its developer and Vietnamese.
Face Dance Challenge” is an interesting game. This is a game what take much fun. When you play, you must control your face with another status.
This game use first camera of your mobile, you can choose music of the game or use the music of your phone, it will give you many face icons what take many different statuses: smile, surprise, cry… And you must control your face the same that icon.
If you can do the same many icons, you will have many marks. But, when you play this game, the importance isn’t taking many marks, the importance is you can feel very fun, very happy and you will have many relax time after stress work.
Recently, “Face Dance Challenge” is a hot game what is developed by Vietnamese programmer. This game is developed by Diffcat Studio at Ho Chi Minh City, and author’s this game is Giang Nguyễn.
A few years ago, Vietnam’s programmer Nguyen Ha Dong developed Flappy Bird what is famous in the world. That time, Flappy Bird took 50.000 USD/day for author Nguyen Ha Dong.
So, when “Face Dance Challenge” is known and played by many people, who live other nation, this author’s game and many programmers in Vietnam hope this game will famous as soon as Flappy Bird and take high profit the same Flappy Bird.
Vietnamese programmer and the game developer will be known and respected by people in the world.
Face Dance Challenge” is updated on 19/08/2017, the download is 3.000.000 and rate point is 4,5. That is wonderful. Why you don’t download and play this game now.
You can download this game for your android at here: http://apkentertainment.com

Nadia GirardiLorenzo Del Bello

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14 set 2017, 04:25:58 Tramite pagina web

Subway Surfers is a free game for the smartphone of Kiloo and SYBO Games. Be released from many years ago, but the Subway Surfers is still one of the games for mobile what is attracted by everyone, the Subway Surfers had over 1 billion downloads.
Killo was the big development game company, has been released a lot of games, and the most famous game is the Subway Surfers. Subway Surfers was introduced as an Endless Runner of the classic action game.
Subway Surfers be invested a lot for the graphics, Killo didn’t make players feel disappointed when Subway Surfers are invested a Universal application with HD optimized and extremely colorful graphics.
This game is a classic action game, Subway Surfers brings the relaxation and comfort. When playing the game, the fun is the most important thing that the developer wants to give for the player. Because of a lot of fun and unfreeze stress so this game is loved by download game of many people.
Have you played that game? Join us and experience the game and you will see it is an interesting game. Download Subway Surfers now: http://oreoapk.com

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