Gestore File Semplice

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16 feb 2017, 08:58:33 Tramite pagina web

Gestisci i file in modo facile ed efficiente con Gestore File Semplice. Con la sua interfaccia semplice Gestore File Semplice ti permette di esplorare i tuoi file memorizzati nella memoria principale.

Scarica: Gestore File Semplice

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Isho ßusiLorenzo Del Bello

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11 lug 2017, 10:20:55 Tramite pagina web

Well, that a good app. Thank for your post.
But, I have a question. the mobile always have "file manager"? Why do we download new app "file manager" for mobile?

Lorenzo Del Bello

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11 lug 2017, 12:11:27 Tramite pagina web

Thank you! :)

Yes it's true that you can use the one "file manager" that is already in the mobile, BUT
with the app "file manager" you have all this

  • Easy to use, open-source file organizer
  • Cut, copy, delete, compress, extract and other basic features
  • Work on multiple tabs simultaneously inside file manager
  • Navigation drawer for quick navigation
  • App Manager to open, backup or uninstall any app
  • SMB (windows) file sharing
  • Choose between multiple themes and colors
  • Access history, bookmarks or search for a document quickly
  • Root explorer for advanced users
  • Document manager based on Material Design guidelines

Lorenzo Del Bello

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12 lug 2017, 06:47:33 Tramite pagina web

Uhmmmm. It seems very great. But, Have any limit version android? For example, I use a mobile with Android version 4.4. It is an old version, so I can I use this app for my mobile?
And We can find many File Manager App on mobile, This app has any special things to I should use this app, mustn't another app?

PeakselLorenzo Del BelloIsho ßusi

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